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Naim islam
Jul 14, 2022
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the police were criticized for using high-pressure tactics such as Illustrator Artwork tear gas and water cannons on protesters, while rights groups accused the authorities of indiscriminate arrests, brutal beatings and abuse of detainees in custody. Leung Chun- made these pro-Beijing remarks on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong's sovereignty on July 1. Hong Kong's new chief executive, Li , was sworn in on July 1. He was a former leader of the Hong Kong police force and is also seen as a pro-Beijing official. He was elected chief executive as the only candidate and was appointed by Beijing in what was seen as another measure by Beijing to tighten its grip on Hong Kong. "The truth is that Hong Kong is part of China, and people have to recognize that," Leung said. This article is reprinted with permission from "BBC News Chinese" , the original text is published here Further reading The Umbrella Revolution is not just about the vote of the chief executive: five shocks and contradictions after Hong Kong's return to China Question 17 of "Reverse Extradition": Why do Hong Kong people oppose the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance? Why is Leung Chun-y so annoying when populist policies do so much? [Join Key Comments Network Member] Every day, wonderful and good articles will be delivered directly to your mailbox, and you will enjoy exclusive weekly editorial selections, current affairs selections, art and literature weekly and other special electronic newspapers. You can also leave a message to discuss the content of the article with authors, reporters, and editors. Click to join for free now. Responsible editor: Ding Review editor: Weng you may also like Not only will Taiwan not be the "Second Afghan", but it will have an unexpected "Afghan dividend" How many
 Grip on Hong Kong.  Illustrator Artwork content media
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